Hydroponic Lab






Our New Hydroponics Lab

Partnering with NY SunWorks, the DOE has installed a new Hydroponics Lab as part of the Greenhouse Project initiative. The PS 122 Mamie Fay Greenhouse Classroom functions as a hands-on laboratory for students with an integrated environmental science curriculum. This includes a seedling growing station, one Nutrient Film Technique, one Vine Crop System, and two Tower Garden systems. We are growing tomatoes, cucumbers, sorrel, basil, mustard greens, and Asian greens.

Over time, teachers will weave relevant lessons into their curriculum while students learn how to operate and maintain the equipment. The goal is to provide an elevated set of skills to our students, a broader perspective on the issues facing our communities, and to foster environmental leadership.

We would like to thank Council Member Costa Constantinides for his help and support for this project.